As mandated by the Republic Act 10173 (Data Privacy Act of 2012), Central Mindanao University is committed in protecting the personal information of the Data Subjects. The University follows the three(3) principles in processing of personal information: Transparency, Legitimate Purpose, and proportionality.


Online Learning Guidelines Issued to Help Protect Student Privacy and Reduce Data Breaches in Schools.


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NPC PHE BULLETIN No. 16: Privacy Dos and Don’ts for Online Learning in Public K-12 Classes , Read >>>

NPC PHE Bulletin No. 15: Guidelines for Establishments on the Proper Handling of Customer and Visitor Information for Contact Tracing. Read >>>

The Official Monthly Newsletter of the Philippine National Privacy Commission


NPC Circulars:

NPC Circular 16-01 – Security of Personal Data in Government Agencies

NPC Circular 16-02 – Data Sharing Agreements Involving Government Agencies

NPC Circular 16-03 – Personal Data Breach Management

NPC Circular 16-04 – Rules of Procedure

NPC Circular 17-01 – Registration of Data Processing Systems

-NPC Circular 17-01 Appendix 1 – Registration of Data Processing Systems Appendix 1

NPC Circular 18-01 – Rules of procedure on requests for Advisory Opinions

NPC Circular 18-02 – Guidelines on Compliance Checks

NPC Circular 18-03 – Rules on Mediation before the National Privacy Commission

DOH-NPC Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2020-0001 – Guidelines on the Use of Telemedicine in COVID-19 Response

DOH-NPC Joint Memorandum Circular No. 2020-0002 – Privacy Guidelines on the Processing and Disclosure of COVID-19 Related Data for Disease Surveillance and Response


Data Privacy Office

Contact: Data Protection Officer

E-mail address: info_privacy@cmu.edu.ph

Website: privacy.cmu.edu.ph

National Privacy Commission

Website: www.privacy.gov.ph