Disclosure of Student Personal Data

If a request for student information is received that is out of the ordinary, it should be forwarded to the Data Protection Officer for action. Sensitive personal data must not be disclosed without the express consent of the Data Subject or without proper authorization.

Internal Disclosure

Personal information of students should only be disclosed to the designated officer, if given the student’s permission or if the disclosure is necessary for the legitimate interests of the University. Personal information must not be disclosed merely for social reasons.

External Disclosure

Personal Information of students must not be given out externally, except where there is a legal requirement to do so, without the permission of the student. This includes supplying information to parents, legal guardians and next of kin. If a request is received through the telephone, you should neither confirm nor deny that the person being asked about is a student at the University. Ask the caller to put the request in writing. If confidential information is to be released without the student’s permission, the permission of the College Dean responsible for the security of that information must be obtained and the student must be informed, except in cases where it is deemed legally inadvisable to do so. In certain cases, it may be necessary for approval to be granted from the Personal Information Controller and/or the Data Protection Officer or their designated data handler before the information is released.