Purposes of data collection

The University needs to hold personal information about the students for Instruction, Research, and Extension, and Administrative purposes in order to administer their academic career, including:

    • maintenance of the student record (including personal, educational and academic details) for management of academic processes ;

      • uploading and posting of grades;

    • printing and releasing of grade slips;

    • monitoring the class record;

    • health and medical record;

    • management of accommodation;

    • alumni operations, including fund-raising;

    • provision of advice and support to students (Counselling Service, Scholarships and Placement );

    • access to facilities such as the library, computer rooms, and laboratory rooms;

    • internal research, including monitoring quality and performance; and

    • security and car parking;

Student information is held in a paper-based and electronic format through a manual filing system and electronic system. In addition, the University has a statutory obligation to disclose personal information about their students that require the information to carry out their statutory functions in relation to the funding of Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and the Department of Education (DepEd) which is then passed to relevant government agencies for grants and scholarships.